High-speed doors

Automatic industrial doors

These are the best doors for areas with constant traffic because they are very quick to open and close.

The fast speed ensures optimum safety (it minimises the risk of collisions), saves energy and improves working conditions and hygiene.

High speed doors

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We manufacture 3 models of high-speed doors depending on the location & use:

QUICKSYSTEM® high-speed door: Vertically roller opening system.
Because this door opens and closes very quickly, it is the perfect solution for areas with constant traffic.

FOLDSYSTEM high-speed door: Vertically folding opening system.
This door is perfect for very large entrances or areas with strong air currents.

SPEEDSYSTEM high-speed door: Horizontally opening system.
It is ideal to be mounted in areas with railing or tracking systems.


Our models of high-speed door are available in 2 material options:

  • AISI-304L stainless steel. The structure, all the internal mechanisms and the electric control panel are all made of stainless steel. Suitable for use in the food industry (meat, fish, ready meals, etc.), the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and any other sectors where there is a high risk of corrosion.
  • Galvanised steel. Suitable for general industrial purposes.


Installation examples



Stainless steel Quicksystem® doors in a meat-curing warehouse. PLC-operated opening and closing mechanism. Opens to different heights depending on the height of the object/person moving through the entrance.

Stainless steel Quicksystem® door in blue with 2 windows, to separate 2 rooms in the meat industry. Push button-operated, time delay close.

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