Telescopic lip dock leveller

Dock leveller with telescopic lip

Loading dock with telescopic lip leveller.

Loading dock with telescopic lip leveller.

This leveller has a 1 metre telescopic lip which slides out horizontally when activated.

The door can be closed right down to the bottom of the leveller, ensuring optimum heat insulation and hygiene.

It is also the best solution for side-loading docks.


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stainless steel telescopic lip leveller.

MSRHR-TI: stainless steel telescopic lip leveller.
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galvanised steel telescopic lip leveller; top platform in stainless steel.

MSRHR-GI: galvanised steel telescopic lip leveller; top platform in stainless steel.

Painted steel telescopic lip leveller

MSRHR-AP: Painted steel telescopic lip leveller
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Model Width
Length w/lip raised
MSRHR-18/20 1.800 2.000 3.000 6.000
MSRHR-20/20 2.000 2.000 3.000 6.000
MSRHR-20/22 2.000 2.200 3.200 6.000
MSRHR-18/25 1.800 2.500 3.500 6.000
MSRHR-20/25 2.000 2.500 3.500 6.000
MSRHR-18/30 1.800 3.000 4.000 6.000
MSRHR-20/30 2.000 3.000 4.000 6.000
MSRHR-20/35 2.000 3.500 4.500 6.000
MSRHR-20/40 2.000 4.000 5.000 6.000

Materials by model

  • MSRHR-TI: 100% stainless steel.
  • MSRHR-GI: top platform and side lips in stainless steel; bottom chassis and front lip in galvanised steel.
  • MSRHR-TG: 100% hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • MSRHR-PG: top platform and front and side lips in galvanised steel; bottom chassis in painted steel.
  • MSRHR-AP: 100% painted steel.


  • The structure has been designed and built to provide optimum longitudinal strength and transverse flexibility, ensuring a perfect docking between the dock and the vehicle.
  • Steel self-supporting bottom chassis with support bar for maintenance.
  • Top platform and front lip in non-slip diamond plate steel.
  • Telescopic front lip. This lip is housed inside the dock leveller when it is not in use. When activated, it slides out 1 metre and rests on the rear of the vehicle.
  • Operated electro-hydraulically (including automatic lip).
  • 24 V 2 HP motor; electric control panel with operating button and emergency stop.
  • Hydraulic cylinders with non-return valves.
  • Oil-pressure controlled action, without microswitches.
  • Fixed side lips and yellow and black striped side markings.


Pit for loading dock with telescopic lip leveller.

Pit for loading dock with telescopic lip leveller.

Details and applications


Installation examples



Telescopic dock leveller. In combination with an inflatable dock shelter and telescopic bumbers they bring a maximum temperature and hygienic insulation.

Loading docks with MSRHRTI-20/25 telescopic levellers, automatic sectional doors in RAL 9005, flexible dock shelters, steel moving bumpers and alignment barriers.

Telescopic lip dock leveller model MSRHRAP-20/25 in painted steel.

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