Industrial doors and solutions for goods loading and unloading processes

What we do

MS Metalsystem SL has been manufacturing dock levellers, lift tables, sectional doors, high-speed doors, dock shelters and pallet inverters since 1988.
Our solutions improve ergonomics in the workplace, and increase productivity and efficiency.
All the products manufactured by MS Metalsystem SL have low maintenance costs.
We offer all our customers an after-sales service, providing original spare parts, a technical support helpline, and repairs carried out at our facilities or on-site at the place of installation.


We are manufacturers and stainless steel specialists, and this means that we can adapt our products to the needs of lots of different sectors, including the food industry (meat, fish, salted foods, ready meals, dairy products) and the pharmaceutical sector.
Our high levels of precision have also led to collaborative projects with manufacturers of machinery for the flexography sector.
Our products’ durability and very high load capacity mean that we also work with paper manufacturers and bottled water companies, as well as other industries.

Corporate video

All of our products are designed and built to provide optimum quality, precision, durability and reliability, even in highly corrosive environments.

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